About Us

As Simnang expanded its library of products, overlap in the third-party integrations offered with each product became apparent. Clients using more than one of our products were having an increasingly difficult time managing their use of these outside services. Our development staff was spending more and more time establishing and maintaining integrations with third-party companies.

The introduction of Connections as a hub for third-party integrations made it possible for Simnang to consolidate and focus our programming talent on establishing more integrations with great service providers in a more consistent way. Now customers can easily manage the third-party services they use to augment our software products including the ability to turn those services on or off for all their product lines at the same time. Connections also gives transparency and makes it easy to understand when services are being used. Plus in Connections, you are only charged for what you use.

If you are already set up with any of our integrated third-party companies, you can keep your current account and relationship. A Connections account gives you access to a wide variety of services you can use for free or at little cost. We also offer a well-documented API so you can integrate our suite of services into your own software application.