About Us

Simnang has always worked hard to make its products PCI-DSS (payment card industry data security standard) compliant, with the additional goal to offer a wide range of payment integrations. But, implementing PCI standards directly in each product was redundant and often diverted the attention of our developers away from improving the software. Additionally, using applications that were subject to these strict standards was an annoyance to our customers because they were automatically logged out after a very short interval of inactivity and were required to change passwords frequently.

PCI Wallet is the payment hub for the Simnang family of products. Consolidating secure payment processing and a virtual wallet into a single application enabled Simnang to create a specialized development team that uses its expertise to continuously update data security features and add new payment integrations. Now the other products in the Simnang family use this PCI-DSS compliant application for all payment processing, mitigating the need to keep each application independently compliant.

PCI Wallet offers advantages over Simnang’s previous payment processing. It is now easy for our clients to use multiple ACH and credit/debit card processing accounts, including more than one account with the same company. This means that even if you lose access to an ACH network, you will still be able to accept ACH payments. It also makes it possible to route payments taken by one company to different bank accounts.

As our clients experienced the freedom and peace of mind that came from having a PCI-Wallet integration built into the Simnang Family of Products, we recognized that many software solutions in a variety of industries could benefit from these services. As an independent platform PCI Wallet can provide your company with secure payment data storage, multiple payment integrations, and an advanced API to help you customize your payment solutions. Our goal is to increase the likelihood that your customers will pay you back.