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As Simnang’s client base has grown, we’ve expanded our technical support department. More and more often, our customers asked questions outside of our areas of expertise. Clients often asked questions outside the scope of the technical use our software. They sought business recommendations, accounting and legal advice, or industry best practice information.

At first, Simnang decided to supplement the knowledge of its existing support staff by giving them industry training. But without hands-on experience, this proved too difficult. So, the decision was made that Simnang would assemble a team of experienced industry consultants to fill this gap in our support offering. Through a concerted search effort, we were able to hire individuals who had successful experience in many lending and other business areas.

Now this group operates under the name SOS and they are there to answer your distress call. This consulting company is able to offer not only technical knowledge about the products Simnang offers, but advice about business best practices, lending, regulations, and compliance. Although none of our consultants is a CPA or a Lawyer, and specific accounting or legal advice should still be sought from a certified professional who knows you company’s history.

SOS offers clients two-tiered consulting. On tier one, you will find well-trained technical representatives who can guide you through any Simnang product and answer many of your industry-related questions. On tier two, you will find professional consultants who have the industry knowledge and experience to help you decide what’s best for your business. You will also find specialists who are experienced in accounting and business to help you with software and solutions that don’t fall under the Simnang umbrella.

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